Pension Thallerův dům - accommodation Český Krumlov

Reconstructed house with its distinctive atmosphere is located in the historical centre of Český Krumlov.


The total capacity is 7 apartments with 30 beds (incl. additional beds).

Most rooms has a beautiful view of Krumlov Castle.

Every apartment is fitted with kitchenette, sanitary facilities with bath or shower, TV + SAT and WIFI Internet connection.


Breakfast in the  Restaurant Maštal.

History of the House

Originally it is a late Gothic building documented in the 15th century. It was adapted in Renaissance and completely reconstructed and elevated around 1840. Particularly significant building with a high level of late Gothic architecture common in the city. According to the personal memoirs of Dr. Richard Franz, the house once served as a chapel. This can be attested to by the presence of two stone heads situated on the side entrance from Masná Street. One of the heads represented the Savior, the other one Satan. The heads have been since removed.

According to Valentin Rychlík`s last will from 1555, the house was devolved to the brotherhood of St. Catherine, from which a doctor, Tomáš Albín z Helfenburka, bought it. In 1562 Matyáš Tonner or Plankentoner acquired the house. After Ondřej Planka a goldsmith, Šimon Grünberger, moved into the house. In 1568 he was replaced by a druggist, Hans Gunstetter. Until 1604 Hans´ daughter, Anna Strupová, took care of the house, and after her until 1629 the house was inhabited by a kettlesmith, Kryštof Ulrich. During 1629 - 1647 the house belonged to a higgler, Mikuláš Placeda, who supplied his goods to the Český Krumlov castle. Until 1654 Erasm Fischer lived there, and after him, Kateřina Nitschová, previously Fischerová, took care of the house. In 1669 - 1677 the Český Krumlov mayor, Florián Alois Hürnig, owned the house. Until 1733 the house was occupied by a tradesmen, the first was Ferdinand František Schatz, followed in 1698 by Lorenc Walkaun. In 1733 Matouš and Alžběta Alt moved into the house. In 1747 the house was inhabited by the Adalbert Schröder family. In 1760 Martin Patzlt became the owner of the house and from 1785 until at least the 1840`s the house belonged to the Thaller family.